Very Cheap Dedicated Server Volumedrive 2 core just $34.95 /mo

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Very Cheap Dedicated Server from Volume Drive, their price very cheap. if you want have dedicated server with volume low price you can choose Volume Drive.

Review volume drive : is a hosting company dedicated to being the best in the industry. We have a wide number of solutions, both for personal use, all the way to large scale enterprise users. From our scalable shared accounts to large server clusters, you will find that we have reasonably priced hosting plans, which will meet your rock solid hosting expectations

Volume Drive Price starting from $34.95 /month

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Volumedrive

Dedicated Package 1

  • CPU: AMD Athlon X2 4200+ (2 cores)
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR2 Memory
  • HD: 250 GB Hard Drive
  • BW: 100 Mbps / 8,000 GB
  • IP: 2 Public IP Addresses
  • KVM On Demand Available
  • Linux / Windows / BSD / XEN
  • Price : $34.95 /month




IP Addresses:
/29 IP Allocation (5 usable) $2.00 per month
/28 IP Allocation (14 usable) $10.00 per month
/27 IP Allocation (29 usable) $25.00 per month
/26 IP Allocation (61 usable) $45.00 per month

Operating Systems:

All Linux and *BSD Operating systems are free
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise: $10.00 per/mo
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise: $10.00 per/mo

Control Panel Software:

cPanel / WHM $25.00 per/mo
Plesk 30 Domain $10.00 per/mo
Plesk Unlimted $25.00 per/mo
DirectAdmin $15.00 per/mo
Fantastico $3.00 per/mo

VPS cPanel / WHM $15.00 per/mo
VPS Plesk 30 Domain $8.00 per/mo
VPS Plesk 100 Domain $10.00 per/mo
VPS Plesk Unlimted $15.00 per/mo
VPS DirectAdmin $10.00 per/mo have low budget Dedicated server, their price very cheap Dedicated server but some people said their support is very bad but any people have writing good review volumedrive

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