Overstock Cheap Dedicated Server Deals ubiquityservers Chicago Dallas Datacenter

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Overstock Cheap Dedicated Server Deals ubiquityservers Chicago Dallas Datacenter,

Additionally, while supplies last, select overstock Cheap servers will be $59/month.

  • Any server ordered after this sale is out of stock in a particular location will be offered a substitute location, and if no substitute locations are acceptable to you, you will be refunded.
  • Add-ons are priced on the order form.
  • We’ll do our best to update this thread as locations sell out. This offer is available only while current supplies last!
Check out our overstock dedicated servers page. The systems listed below are either mildly dated from Ubiquity’s current default line-up or are past custom systems that  cannot currently sell with current standard dedicated server line. As a result we’re cutting great deals on anything found below while they are available. This is a realtime inventory of what is available, so if you see something you’d like, act fast!
Check Cheap Dedicated Server Overstock at Here : http://www.ubiquityservers.com/overstock-deals
you can choose dedicated server location at chicago datacenter or dedicated server location dallas datacenter

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Remote Reboot
If your server becomes unresponsive, you do not have to wait for a technician to diagnose it. Simply start, stop, or reboot your server from our control interface.

100 Mbps Port (1 Gbps available)
Free fully-burstable 100 Mbps uplink port. Upgrade your port to 1 Gbps for an additional $35 per month for 6,000+ GB bandwidth plans.

100% Uptime
Ubiquity guarantees through our service level agreement 100% network and power on all of our dedicated servers.

Managed Hosting
Ubiquity offers a variety of managed hosting plans that can accompany a dedicated server. Contact a sales associate to get started.

Major OS’s
Ubiquity supports all majored Operating Systems that will handle newer server hardware. Have one not on our order form? We can let you install it yourself via IPMI.

Control Panels
From Cpanel, Plesk, Interworx, Virtuozzo, to DirectAdmin, Ubiquity offers a range of control panels that will meet your requirements.

Hardware Replacement
Ubiquity understands that hardware fails. It is not a matter of if, but when. Ubiquity will replace your hardware within one hour of diagnosis.

Large Bandwidth
Demand for high-quality, bandwidth-intensive applications is growing. Ubiquity now offers a minimum of 6 TB of bandwidth per overstock server.

Software Firewall
All servers include a software-based firewall (iptables) that can be used to safeguard your server free of charge.

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